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June 16, 2003


       More News from Joseph Harris: Joe Harris provided some interesting new info on his message board about COTC8: "COTC8 will maintain the spirit of the original film and the Stephen King novella. It will be scary with hardcore thrills and disturbing deaths with elements you'll recognize as signatures of the franchise (chases through cornfields, deaths by sickles, teenage sex, sacrifices and the triumphant return of He Who Walks Behind the Rows included). It will take place in Gatlin and will draw on the history of that town as we know it." This sounds very promising indeed. Hopefully this will be the sequel that will bring new life to the series.

       Message Board Added: I have added a spiffy new message board to the site. Just hit the link below, sign up, and enjoy!

       Fanfiction/Fanart Wanted!: I am planning on adding a fan fiction and fan art section to my site, so if anyone has any fan fics or fan art, then please e-mail them my way. I will give you the proper credit if I put it on my site. And please, do NOT send me fiction or art that have sexual themes!